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Reminder Commander 3

What's new:

Added: Specifying the reminder interval, for example, biweekly reminders.
Added: Specifying the necessary day of the week for monthly reminders (first, second, third, forth, last).
Added: Displaying the next occurrences when you create a reminder.
Added: Specifying the start and end date for periodic reminders.
Added: The “Start Date”, “End Date”, “Next Occurrence” columns in the list of periodic reminders.
Added: Automatically resizing some columns depending on the window width.
Added: Sorting in lists.
Added: Saving the size of columns and sorting in lists.
Added: Multiline tooltips for messages that are not fully visible in the list.
Added: Editing the "Remind Later" menu items.
Added: Limiting the loaded history (the program is started considerably faster in case of the large history list).
Added: Notifying that the program is already running in case of a repeated attempt to run it.
Added: Selecting the necessary function for a left click on the tray icon.
Added: Skipping the missed reminder check at the program startup.
Added: Monitoring memory leaks and fixing them.
Added: License types: Home and Small office.
Added: Installing desktop icon for All Users or for Current User only.

Changed: Column "Notification time" renamed to "Real reminder", column "Planned time" renamed to "Scheduled reminder". They also switched their places.
Changed: Minor interface modifications.

Fixed: Serious bug in processing of last day of month.
Fixed: When you delete entries in lists, the first entry in the list becomes selected.
Fixed: Erroneous message in the setup file: "It is recommended that you close Reminder Commander before continuing".
Fixed: If you open a database with a double click on the database file, the path to this file is not saved.
Fixed: Blurred icon on the Vista desktop.
Fixed (we hope it is): The application used to display an error when started on some computers.

Due to incorrect processing of last day of month, we strongly recommend that all Reminder Commander users upgrade to this latest release.



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